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Changshu YuLong Mould Co., ltd, which was formerly known as Changshu Glass Mould Enterprise, is a professional and competitive company with 30-year expertise in glass moulds. It is located in Changshu of Yangtze River delta, one of the most famous regions with the fastest economic growth.
With the solid technical background during last three decades, Changshu YuLong Mould has built up its fame in a series of glass mould products which include the moulds for various glass bottles, jars, glassware, glass appliances, lamps and lanterns of automobile, motorbike and other lightings. Also customized glass moulds can be designed according to clients’ requirements. Our company is dedicated to introduce new instruments and technologies to optimize the varieties and the quality of our products, such as the Numerically Controlled Production Center (NCPC). Moreover, we have established a professional, knowledgeable and responsible team through a comprehensive training system and by attracting the high-tech talents. The ultimate aim is to ensure the high quality of our products and to achieve the satisfaction of our customers.
Our company has experienced the fastest development during last a few years. We own a large market share in the field of glass moulds and are always keeping in the leading position in this industry. We won the market via the high product quality, the best customized services, and the competitive product price. Currently, a large number of our products have exported to the Southeast Asia Market. And we are dedicating to cooperate with foreign advanced company to manufacture copper alloy glass mould to replace the imported glass mould, thus further reducing the manufacturing costs, providing better service for the glass mould market and promoting the glass mould industry in China even the whole world into a higher standard.

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