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Changshu shajiabang glass mould industry rapid development

admin  Time:2018-05-11 10:40  

In a council member of China association of household glass sixth second congress, changshu shajiabang JHF mould co., ltd. and changshu seiko mould manufacturing co., LTD., won the national daily glass industry meritorious service enterprises, China golden flower glass mould.
Glass mould of shajiabang characteristic industry, has nearly hundred mould enterprises, employees 5000 people, with annual capacity of 600000 sets of glass mould, occupied 70% domestic market share. To build seiko, huawei leader in glass mould success in Japan, the United States, more than 20 countries such as Germany, France, Australia, with the United States libby, bows and arrows, French saint-gobain, Japan is elegant, such as the world's top household glass mould enterprise established a cooperative relationship. It is the fifth largest glass mould manufacturer in Asia.

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