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Shaabang accelerated the upgrading of the glass mold industry.

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On October 30, qin sat, deputy secretary of changshu municipal party committee, met with the chairman of the China Daily glass association, meng lingyan, and vice mayor shen xiaodong.
The qin satellite welcomed the annual meeting of the China Daily glass professional committee in changshu, China, and congratulated the meeting on the success of the meeting. She hopes shajiabang economic plate to speed up the glass mould industry transformation and upgrading, such as municipal party committee and the municipal government will intensify policy support, improve the mechanism of the talent, to create a good environment for the glass mould industry.
Meng Lingyan said, shajiabang glass mold industry development momentum, made great contribution to industry and improved, the future will have greater development potential and space.
Changshu shajiabang is the leading producer of the glass mould, about two-thirds of the country's industry production. Shajiabang of high-grade mold exports Europe and the United States, entering the world top 500 enterprises in the United States, France saint-gobain, bows and arrows and other glass products enterprise, the world's best foreign trade income of more than $10 million. Today, shajiabang has become a veritable "land of Chinese glass mold". Today, the town of jiangnan famous domestic famous again, here has more than 100 glass mould enterprises, the annual output of more than 50 sets of glass mould, sales of 500 million yuan, accounting for more than 60% of domestic glass mould of market share, workers accounted for 10% of the population.
Shajiabang glass mould industry started in the 1970 s, rapid rise in the 80 s, 90 s implementation of ascension. Especially in the last three years, the technical reform of glass mold enterprises has been increasing, and the advanced equipment has been introduced at home and abroad. JHF mould company, seiko mould company in manpower and material resources, the independent research and development of copper alloy, glass mould from casting to machining process to achieve the "build", the new products to fill the gaps in the domestic glass mould industry. JHF mould company also took the lead in the domestic enterprises adopt overhead in glass mould casting process, change the buried in the past the traditional casting process, make the material of casting mould quality and stability was improved. Seiko mould co., LTD. Is one of the first batch of domestic industrialization production of glass mold enterprise, its excellent quality and the spirit of the pursuit of excellent quality to let its reputation as the "mold expert" is well known in the industry, the enterprises of the two products in 2008 was identified as high-tech products in jiangsu province and Macao union with the United States, France saint-gobain, bows and arrows, such as the world's top glass products companies, has built close relations of cooperation. The whole town glass mold production enterprise obtains jiangsu province, the suzhou famous brand product, the high and new product 4, jiangsu, suzhou city high-tech enterprise, the private science and technology enterprise 7. In 2007, it became the largest processing base of glass mold in China. In 2008, China light industry federation, China Daily glass association awarded the shajiabang "Chinese township of glass mould" title.

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