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Shajiabin glass mold chamber of commerce holds the 2011 working meeting.

admin  Time:2018-05-11 10:40  

The sha jia bang glass mold chamber of commerce 2011 work exchange conference was successfully held at the hyatt international hotel at 9:00 am on May 2.
Meeting started zhao, President of the first points out the theme of the conference: "communication" - for the chamber of commerce can more healthy development, in the chamber of commerce member unit can get help, to every aspect of chamber of commerce since the establishment of its recommendations, requirements, and hope; Summarized the production situation and situation in January and April 2011. Since January, the production tasks of various enterprises have been very heavy, the industry has been in good condition, and the development of internal and foreign trade has been kept abreast.
At the meeting, the members spoke enthusiastically and expressed their appreciation to the leaders of the chamber of commerce for their timely guidance. In addition, Suggestions are proposed, which are summarized as follows:
1. Hope to be helped by the chamber of commerce in the foreign trade testing equipment;
2. It is hoped that the chamber of commerce can formulate certain regulations to suppress the talent poaching phenomenon in the industry.
3. Labor costs and production costs are rising. We hope to focus on improving the polishing technology and developing new technologies, so that the machines can replace manpower to reduce the cost of all aspects.
4. Set up the conference system of the chamber of commerce to prevent the participation of members absent;
In response to the comments and Suggestions made by members, the leaders of the chamber of commerce gave a reply:
1. For foreign trade testing equipment, if necessary, it can be tested unconditionally by any President of the chamber of commerce;
2. Talent poaching, first of all, the company should respect talents, cherish talents, and properly affirm the efforts made by its employees to retain talents; Second, there is no better way to solve the problem of poaching, but it is said that the unit will never dig the core staff of other units.
3. Promote the reform of polishing technology, and conduct various research and improvement on various enterprises in the future;
4. The conference system has been formed when the chamber of commerce is established, and all members should fulfill their obligations and enjoy the rights and interests in strict accordance with the articles of association.
GeJianMing, vice President of proposed hopes to make minutes, chamber of commerce and send with each member unit, the conference, the next column will need to check the problem of the last meeting, to strengthen the meeting effect, this recommendation also got Ma Jianhua vice-chairman and a few other President of agree.
The meeting invited shajiabang leadership wei-dong lu secretary on the success, his work of chamber of commerce said the affirmation, also puts forward the hope for chamber of commerce in the future work. Believe shajiabang glass mould chamber of commerce, with each member unit the leadership and the town of support and care, the more will dazzle, changshu shajiabang as a capital of mould also would no longer be a dream.

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