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Curved glass is favored by related industry chain to meet the opportunity.

admin  Time:2018-05-11 10:44  

Mainland Chinese companies are expected to continue to lead plate processing industry: from the point of processing, surface glass cover, relative to the traditional 2 d glass cover and machining is more complex, need CNC carved and even hot bending process to realize the surface effect, therefore a lower yield, but also obviously improve value. Glass processing enterprises are mainly concentrated in mainland China and Taiwan, especially in mainland China, and the global glass processing leading enterprises such as lens technology and burne optics have emerged. Under the background of the gradual popularization of curved glass, it is believed that the domestic glass processing industry will usher in a new round of development opportunities and hope to grow more glass processing leading enterprises.
The change of processing technology has great influence on the equipment end, and the trend of curved glass brings the new demand of equipment.

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